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The form below can be used for general inquiries or for submitting information to be included in the Playbook. Job quality is still a nascent field, which means this tool remains a living document. We are open to hearing from practitioners on how we can improve the tool and best capture new information. 

If you are submitting content, you can read below on how to best ensure that what you send is included in the Playbook.

Content Submissions

If there is something you think we missed in the leading examples or partners and experts sections, you can use the form above to submit a request for it to be added. Please make it clear in your submission which section you are submitting for.

If you are submitting a leading example, please upload a file or send a link to the resource or example you are referencing with a short blurb of no more than 150 words. 

If you are submitting a contribution to partners and experts, please include the following information: