Job Quality impacts the entire lifecycle of the worker and employer experience.

The Job Quality Playbook is a guide for workforce and economic development agencies to learn more about why job quality matters, what principles make a good job and how to support both employers and workers. The tool guides users in changes to program delivery, business partnership approaches and internal processes to drive transformation.

Quality jobs are critical to the economic mobility, stability and wellbeing of workers. Wage alone is not sufficient; all workers need access to benefits, opportunities to grow and advance, respect and voice.

Job quality is also a business imperative for catalyzing positive outcomes like increased productivity and competitiveness, improved talent attraction and retention, reduced turnover costs to grow the bottom line while improving diversity, the wellbeing of employees, their families, communities and the local economy.

Job Necessities
Job Necessities provide equitable compensation, rights and protections for all workers.
Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities enable engagement, inclusion and advancement for all workers.
Job Features
Job Features respond to the individual life situations, preferences and needs of workers.

Job Quality must start with a foundation

Unsure of where to get started? The Job Quality Playbook has information to guide agencies through the development of an equity-centered job quality strategy and accompanying measurement approach to support future programs, policies and practices.

More than compensation, benefits, and safety

Explore the tool to gain a holistic, inclusive view of what makes a good job, taking into consideration not just basic needs or economic drivers, but also impacts on workers beyond compensation, benefits and safety.

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