Environment and Culture

Environment and Culture

Use of skills, proper tools and technology to be productive, connection with co-workers, level of input, and autonomy and control in the performance of duties. This also includes the culture established, modeled and reinforced by an organization’s leadership and management teams, as well as  the qualities, management competencies, and communication practices of individuals responsible for managing people and the quality of relationships employees have with direct supervisors.

How others put this principle into practice

  • In 2013, San Francisco passed the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance, providing workers the right to request a flexible or predictable schedule to assist with caregiving responsibilities and requiring employers to engage in an interactive process with workers to develop a schedule that works for both workers and the business. In 2015, San Francisco passed a series of formula retail employee rights ordinances that regulate hours, retention and scheduling and treatment of part-time employees at some formula retail establishments. The laws apply to formula retail establishments with at least 40 stores worldwide and 20 or more employees in San Francisco, as well as their janitorial and security contractors.

  • Aurora Health Care is a not-for-profit integrated health care provider based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that helps employees with housing close to the hospital. A 2008 evaluation showed participating employees performed better, stayed with the company longer and had lower turnover.

  • Since 1983, this private company has provided onsite childcare for working caregivers and has published a book to make the case that on-site childcare for working families is at the heart of responsible business today.

Ways you can get started

Empowering jobseekers

This job quality intervention outlines how jobseekers and workers in public workforce programs are better equipped to consider, identify and advocate for the job quality components important to them when they have access to the right tools, information and support.

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