Employer-sponsored health insurance, paid leave, employee education benefits, retirement plans, childcare subsidies or support and other benefits, including those that address barriers to work. This includes support accessing and maximizing benefits provided (e.g., financial wellness and career coaching).

How others put this principle into practice

  • The Live Near Your Work program partners with first-time home buyers by matching $2,500 from the employer with $2,500 from the city of Baltimore (for a combined total of $5,000 in employee assistance) to be applied to down payments and closing costs. Currently more than 100 employers are enrolled in the program.

  • The Lehigh Valley Workforce Board operations are integrated with the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program with streamlined Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA)/TANF co-enrollment to allow TANF to pay for childcare subsidies for many American Job Center customers. The WIOA/TANF integration began in 2014 with the implementation of WIOA reauthorization.

  • Colorado established a statewide Office of Employee Ownership to increase the number of employee-owned companies in the state by administering a statewide tax credit (HB-21-1311) for employee-owned companies. It provides grants for feasibility studies and technical assistance to help owners sell to their employees and educates businesses about employee ownership through storytelling and building a network of employee-owned companies.

  • Emeryville, California, implemented a scheduling ordinance in 2017 (see resources on the city's website including posters and FAQs). It specifically addresses advanced notice, predictability of pay, the right for the worker to have input into schedules, requirements for rest and right to address a flexible working arrangement.

Ways you can get started

Home ownership incentive

This job quality intervention outlines how workforce and economic development agencies can support and partner with employer-assisted housing (EAH) to address workforce housing issues.

Caregiver support

This job quality intervention outlines how workforce development activities such as education and training programs must also accommodate caregiver needs and/or be coupled with appropriate resources or subsidies to secure care.

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