Diversifying revenue streams

The Problem

One revenue source is not sufficient for advancing job quality long-term. Agencies often struggle with funding restrictions and funding shortages.

Building an integrated, diversified job quality revenue strategy takes time, technical expertise, creativity, and deep partnership. This is an advanced strategy that should not discourage you from starting on other foundational interventions.

Why This Matters

A diversified mix of revenue streams can help ensure that job quality strategies continue when federal allocations (such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)) remain static or decrease. A job quality revenue strategy also allows your agency to serve people traditionally ineligible for your services, like low wage incumbent workers, and provides the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of workers and businesses in your community.

The Solution

Consider a combination of these revenue streams to support job quality initiatives:

  • Federal workforce formula grant funding (e.g., Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth)

  • Competitive federal and philanthropic grants and contracts (philanthropic, federal, state and local government)

  • Federal SNAP Employment and Training 50/50 funds

  • State and local formula and competitive grant funding

  • State or local renewable learning funds

Recommended actions can help workforce and economic development agencies advance strategies to finance their job quality strategy for the long term.