Education and Enforcement

Ensures that workers are protected through existing laws, employers understand changes and are accountable for legal protections. This includes equipping employers as well as monitoring job quality protections and contract requirements related to procurement policies, incentive programs, wage subsidy programs and other policies that go beyond federal, state and local labor law.

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How government agencies can use education and enforcement:

Knowledge Building and Evaluation

  • Becoming familiar with existing reporting processes and how to leverage them
  • Evaluating existing partnerships to determine if there is a need to shift allocation of subsidies (or other resources)
  • Identifying leading practices from local businesses and partnerships that can be shared
  • Learning about strategic enforcement practices and how to engage with them
  • Identifying trusted anchor organizations in the community that are safe spaces for workers to report issues


  • Providing resources or technical assistance to help businesses understand new regulations or take advantage of credits. Could include exploring deployment of funds to expanding service offerings or technical assistance for business
  • Developing outreach campaigns to increase knowledge of new or revised requirements. Leveraging association membership, communications and PR resources to get the word out about job quality
  • Creating or using existing industry partnerships as a mechanism to connect businesses with each other and facilitate change
  • Establishing offices or functions dedicated to worker protections and employer education
  • Leveraging Rapid Response / Layoff Aversion / Small Business Administration / CDBG or related grants to fund business process transformation projects to help businesses come into alignment with requirements
  • Prioritizing provision of subsidies (and other offerings) to businesses seeking to improve or expand their quality jobs
  • Creating or utilizing reporting processes to address repeat offender

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