Provides employees, partners and customers of your organization with opportunities for voice, choice and representation. Empowerment practices recognize historical and systemic inequities and intentionally equip individuals to participate at the decision-making table in real and meaningful ways.

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How government agencies can use empowerment:


  • Using human centered design practices to guide program development, implementation and assessment
  • Engaging participants/customers directly in the development, implementation and evaluation of the work, compensating for their time
  • Leveraging trusted communicators to convey messaging or collect feedback
  • Conducting focus groups or worker voice surveys to better understand local needs
  • Creating employee resource groups within a business or organization or worker boards within local government structures to inform the work
  • Reporting back to those who shared their insights on progress in implementing feedback
  • Acknowledging potential power imbalances between workforce agency and grantees

Capacity Building

  • Funding or conducting training for community representatives to serve as evaluators
  • Exploring sabbatical programs to enable staff to refresh and renew their thinking
  • Creating nonprofit apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship programs to enable BIPOC talent to enter the field without being forced to trade economic mobility for job experience
  • Supporting worker organizing activities

Continuous Learning

  • Joining associations to support worker organizing, worker power or related activities
  • Learning more about employee ownership models and how your organization can implement or support them


  • Providing incentives (financial or process) for co-design of evaluation measures as those carrying out the work know the space best
  • Embedding necessary funds for training/capacity building of populations in budget/grant proposal to support human centered design and related processes
  • Funding employee ownership model feasibility studies

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